Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Free Small Messenger Bag Tutorial

Everybody needs a small messenger bag to fit just a few basic necessities when going on a quick groceries shopping or a stroll in the park. I made it for myself and I though it turned out so adorable that I wanted to share it with you.

This tutorial is suited for any beginner - I am a beginner as well. However you do need to have basic knowledge in techniques such as cutting fabric pieces, pinning pieces together, making bias tape, interfacing, top stitch, etc. You can find nice tutorials for these techniques all over the internet. Or you can email me and I'll try to give you a hand :)

1- I like to make my bags using sturdy fabrics suited for furnishings. If you prefer to use quilting fabrics, you will need to interface all pieces of the bag except the lining.
2- If using denim (like I did) don't forget to use the right sewing machine needle.
3- If using iron on interfacing, do it with steam off and let it cool before cutting.
4- The flap covers up the bag opening nicely. Button hole is optional if you feel you do not need a more secure closing.
5- All seam allowances are 1/4 in (1 cm).

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner with basic sewing notions


2x Outer Bag 9.5x11.5 in (I used denim)
2x Lining 9.5x11.5 in (I used quilting fabric)
1x Outer/Front Flap (download cutting template here; print in A3 format)
1x Inner/Back Flap (cut according to template on wrong side)
1x Strap 44x4 in
1x Button hole 5x2 in
1 Big button
Heavy or Medium weight interfacing, depending on the fabric you use
Rotary cutter & mat

Alright!!!! Lets get to business!!!


Main Bag

1- Iron all pieces and interface outer bag pieces if needed

2- Join the two outer bag pieces right sides together and iron. Sew the sides first and then the bottom. Trim the corners with a sharp scissors.

3- Repeat for lining pieces but leave a small opening at the bottom.


4- Interface outer flap piece: place interface piece bigger than flap and iron on the wrong side with steam off; let it cool and cut all around.

Steps 5, 6 and 7 are optional:

5- Iron the button hole piece like a bias tape and top stitch on both sides.

6- Fold button hole piece in half like in the picture and center it over the front flap piece.

7- Pin button hole piece in place from the wrong side and overlay with back flap piece.

8- Pin the flap pieces together and sew along the sides and bottom leaving the top seam open.

9- Trim the button hole and round corners all around.

10- Turn the flap right side out and iron. Here's your beautiful bag flap!


11- Iron all along the strap piece like you did for the button hole strip (like a bias tape) and top stitch on both sides.

12- Turn main bag piece right side out and pin strap ends to the back of the bag (be careful to pin and sew to back piece of main bag only and not through both pieces!).

13- Sew in place with reinforced seams.

Bag Construction:

14- Pin flap to the back of the main bag over the strap, with front flap facing the bag and back flap facing you (again, pin to the back piece only!).

15- Sew in place to the back piece only!

16- Insert the whole construction (as is!) into the lining.

17- Pin top seams matching the side seams together and sew all around the top opening.

18- Pull the main bag, strap and flap piece through the little opening on the bottom of the lining that you made on step 3, turning the lining right side out too.

19- Iron lining and top stitch the little opening to close it.

20- Insert the lining inside the bag and iron well all around the opening to flatten it up and all the rest of the bag.


TARAAAAAAAAAANNN!!!! Here's your beautiful bag!

I've done an extensive effort in reviewing this tutorial several times but if you feel that something isn't right or understandable, please let me know.

You can download this tutorial in PDF format here.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave your feedback bellow and feel free to share it.
I would love to see your finished bag! Just leave a pic or a link in the comments section or show off in my facebook page.

Finished bag also fits a nice book to take along in your stroll in the park. Enjoy! ;)

Copyrights: you may distribute this pattern freely among your friends, you can translate it in your own language, you can use it as material for crafts lessons or crochet groups. You may NOT sell this pattern, translations or a similar pattern with minor alterations that can be considered corrections. You can also sell the finished items. Please credit L'Ana Banana with a link to this blog. Thank you! :)

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  1. Was looking for a pattern exactly like this, thanks so much! And the bag you have made is UTTERLY gorgeous! What excellent fabric! And you have used it very cleverly! I'm about to make a bag like this for a friend, and then I'll make one for myself! Thanks again!