Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Stocking up for Winter: Yarn!

Winter has officially started here in my part of the world, both in the calendar and in the feel. Days are much shorter, colder and rainy weekends are frequent. So I've been stocking up in advance for those weekends that are just perfect to stay at home wrapped up in a warm cosy blankie, with a nice hot cuppa' and a fun knitting or crochet project.

I have yarn, of course. In fact, I have lots of yarn and I always feel it is not enough. I cannot resist a gorgeous luxury yarn, with alpaca, angora or silk. I usually get my alpaca and angora yarns from Ice Yarns. Although shipping expenses tend to be high, their yarn is reasonably priced and in the end you pay less than if you bought them in a shop because, for some reason, yarn is super expensive here in Australia. Their yarns are nice and soft and the colours are so amazing that it's difficult to choose!!! Sometimes I go crazy (well... actually more often than I would like to admit!) and just get one each colour. I like the self-striping yarns particularly.

As for silk, I recently bought the most amazing hand dyed mulberry silk yarn from Ann Collins. It is variegated in beautiful sunset tones of red and orange. In fact, it is so amazing that I feel I cannot find that just perfect pattern to use it. The yarn, however, comes with instructions to make two nice lace knitted scarves. Maybe I'll give them a go and take the chance to improve my knitting skills.

Hand dyed Mulberry Silk yarn
by Ann Collins

I am also a big fan of a nice sheep wool. I usually prefer merino wool as it's usually softer and more shiny. I am completely and uttermost in love with Malabrigo Sock but haven't been able to find it in any stores. And what about buying beautiful yarn and helping a kitty cat? That's what Ancient Arts and the Meow Foundation have done, and I must say in a most successful way. I wish I could buy one of each! Can you imagine having a nice shawl with the colours of your favourite kitty? Or all of your favourite kitties!!! I love cats so much I don't think I can decide on only one...

Well that was my yarn indulgence for this Winter. I've also been stocking up on kitting tools, but I'll leave that for another post (hopefully to be written soon!).

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