Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Perfect Crochet Hook

This is it! I have finally found it, the love of a lifetime, the perfect crochet hook!

Waves crochet hook by KnitPro

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I have been on a quest to find the perfect crochet hook. In my previous post, I told you I had found the new Waves crochet hooks by KnitPro. It seemed to have a lot of potential and now that I have tried it, I must say it is nothing less than spectacular! Just as I expected, the metal shank is amazing, the yarn slides beautifully, just like with the Addi swing, but the handle feels much more ergonomic and it's smooth and so much lighter!
Today I weighed my crochet hooks, all size 4 mm and the results speak for themselves:
Pony - 5g
Bamboo - 2g
KnitPro Symfonie - 3g
Addi Swing - 19g
KnitPro Waves - 8g

For a crochet hook with an ergonomic handle, 8g is pretty good! It is less than half of the Addi. I have now ordered the full set: 19 crochet hooks, from size 2 mm to 12 mm. That's another tick on my wish list and I am now set for life with crochet hooks! I'm so excited just thinking of all the amazing things I will make with them!

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  1. Hi there,

    I've recently found your blog and started reading all about your experiences on crochet hooks. May I know what brand do you prefer for threads ? I mean lace crochet. Do you still prefer Pony ones ? I ordered some steel Boye crochet hooks and hiya hiya. But as I had Pony hook (the larger ones, not the ones for threads), I wanted to know your opinion on them. I ordered one of clover hooks as well to try. But I am not sure if they feel right for smaller size of less than 2 mm. May I know your opinion ? Thanks