Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Handcrafting Inspired by the Ocean Breeze!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Same soul, different name

I am not a names person. When I'm introduced to someone, I never pay attention to their name but rather to their expressions and body language. I never get a name right on the first greet.

It's hard choosing a name. Whether it's for your pet, your child or your business, you always want it to be original, beautiful, meaningful... You want a name that is empowering and somehow reflects the subject's personality.

When I first started my little handcrafts business (if I can call it a business...), I went for a very blant and straightforward descriptive name: my initials and my product - AEHandcrafts. Ten points for description accuracy, null for creativity.

After doing some reading online and attending a few small business and online marketing seminars, I decided to change my branding name into something more creative, that reflected a bit more of my outgoing personality, that maintained a connection to my product and that allowed me some maneuver space in case I decided to expand into selling other stuff other than my handmade crafts. And I came up with my current brand name "L'Ana Banana Crafts". Because Ana is my first name and lana in spanish means wool, I figured it would be a nice word play.  Ana Banana was what my childhood friends would call me, friendly teasing my name. So that would give it a more personal meaning. And crafts, well that needs no explaining.

Then I decided I needed a blog, as all online marketing experts will advise you to. I figured I would give my blog a different name from my brand, so I could give it a different tone. I didn't (and still don't) want a blog just to sell my things. I want to write a blog to engage and inspire people, to feel closer to other crafters or craft fans, to tell a bit of my story. "Kafka on the shore" is my favourite book from one of my favourite authors, Haruki Murakami. Funny enough, until the day I chose my blog name, I had never realised this, but I have been living in coastal cities all my life! Hence "Crafter on the Shore".

Some time ago I came up with another name, the perfect name, that name... THE name. A name that describes all my essence, my life, my story, all that I am. I wish I could just change everything immediately, but all these social websites have so many restrictions to name changes, it's discouraging... But I will start to work on it slowly. So don't be surprised if one day you visit me again (here on my blog or on any other related network) and you find a different name. It's the same soul, just a different name! :)

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  1. Makes perfect sense, if you need to change. Because nothing ever stays the same